Managing Your Data Files

When using Clooz, it is using data files stored on your computer. These files will be one of two types:

  • Clooz database where all of the data you enter is stored, and

  • Digital media files on your computer you have linked to records in Clooz.

Clooz stores its data in a database file (file extension .clz) on your computer. Your first step will be to start you own database, and on subsequent work sessions, reopen that database to add additional information. All of these functions are available on the Home screen. The recommended location for saving these files is the Clooz Data folder setup in your Documents folder during installation, although you can use another folder if you choose. If you want Clooz to always use a different data folder you can change the default folder location in the program Options (Default Data Folder Location).

Although all of the Clooz data is stored in the database, it only stores links to the digital media files you link to Clooz records. During installation, a MediaClosed A digital file containing an image, text, spreadsheet, video, audio, or any other format. These can be attached to various records in Clooz as digital representations of source document content, or as Information Records (as photographs, maps, videos, or audio independent of a specific source document). folder is setup in the Clooz Data folder to hold these attached files. When you link to a media file, Clooz saves the current location of the file. The file is not copied automatically to the Media folder.

Keeping all of the attached media files within the same folder hierarchy will make it easier to maintain and possibly move to another computer when the need arises.

Since this file holds all of the data you enter into Clooz, it is critical you protect it by following an appropriate backup process. Clooz provides backup functions if you do not have automatic backup features running on your computer. A BackupRepository folder has been setup to hold these backups as a default location. Configure your backup locations and arrangements in the Clooz program Options.

Whether you backup the Clooz database using Clooz's backup or some other backup, it is always best to save the backup copy on a different drive. Better yet would be another physical location, such as by using an online storage location.