Bulk Edits

Bulk edits is a special feature for making the same change to multiple records (those currently selected) in a single operation. It only applies the SourceClosed A source record in Clooz should be viewed as the higher level components of a source citation. Citation details are pulled from the citing Information Record., Information, and SubjectClosed Subjects are the objects you are gathering information about. In most cases with Clooz, this is people. However, Clooz supports several other types of subjects such as businesses, real estate/buildings, ships and artifacts. pages.

First select all the records to be affected from the main screen, and then right-click to view the Context MenuClosed The menu window that often appears when you right-click something on the screen.. Select Bulk-Edit Items to display the Bulk Edit dialog to the particular data type you are working with.


Use the Choose Columns context menu item on the main screen to turn on display of fields you want to view.