Merging Records

Two or more records of the same data type (RepositoriesClosed Where a source document or item was found. This could be a physical library facility or online data provider., SourcesClosed A source record in Clooz should be viewed as the higher level components of a source citation. Citation details are pulled from the citing Information Record., Information, SubjectsClosed Subjects are the objects you are gathering information about. In most cases with Clooz, this is people. However, Clooz supports several other types of subjects such as businesses, real estate/buildings, ships and artifacts.) and template type can be merged. All of the data from each will be combined, as well as any links to other records. If there are different values for the same field you will be requested to pick one.

To merge records:

  1. On the appropriate page of the main screen, select the records you want to merge (after clicking the initial row, Ctrl+Click the additional rows). At least two rows must be highlighted.

  2. Do one of the following to merge the records:

    • Select the record and press the Ctrl+M key, or

    • Right-click the highlight area and select Merge.