Troubleshooting Common Issues

Issue Actions to Resolve
How to install Clooz If you are still having issues after referring to the Installation Instructions, contact Clooz support at
Moving your Clooz software and data to a new system

Your Clooz user license entitles you to install Clooz on any or all of your personal computer systems (including family members living with you). Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Clooz setup program from and install it following the Installation Instructions.

  2. When starting Clooz the first time, enter your latest Clooz serial number.

  3. If you are installing on a new system it is highly likely the internal links Clooz maintains to any media files you attached to records will now be broken. Use the Media Location Tool (found on the Home tab page of Clooz 4 or file menu maintenance tools in Clooz 3) to reestablish these links.

Lost serial number See the recovery form for lost serial numbers on the Clooz Self-Service Support Page. The serial number will be sent to the email address you provided when purchasing the user license. If that is no longer valid, contact Clooz support at


Review the support resources provided to detailed guidance on using the various functions in Clooz.

For any other issues, email Clooz support at